Why Your Abs Still Look Like a Six Pack of Beers

You can plank on a ledge with great form, have done more sit ups than one could count, said no to junk food, have become a social hermit, but you can find Nemo faster than your abs. The world isn’t as cruel as you think…

Ab workouts and sculpting helps when there is no fat in the way. If only we could program fat in our midsections to burn before anywhere else… But what we can do, is improve our body’s ability to clinging on to fat in our stomachs. Two words: Insulin sensitivity.

Increasing Insulin sensitivity can help largely in foremost, type 2 diabetes, and even if you’re not at risk per say, it would help your cells draw in blood sugar so it doesn’t find comfort in your belly as fat. Reducing insulin resistance/ increasing sensitivity is far from impossible and can be achieved by a few changes in your food habits.

Assumptions made

  • You don’t eat processed food, if so, very rarely.
  • You exercise and work on core/abs
  • Your sugar intake is low
  • Your refined carbohydrate intake is low
  1. Eat your proteins and fats before your carbs- This helps bring your sugar levels down significantly. Unless you’re going to workout right after.
  2. Fish oil in high amounts when combined with exercise is proven to play a main role in sugar reduction
  3. Two spoonfuls of apple cider vinegar can lower blood sugar by up to 6%

Easy enough?



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