Why You Need A Lot of D in Your Life

Get your mind out of the gutter, the D we speak of here is Vitamin D.

Adding to our bid to get you to get some more Vitamin D in your life, we have another pretty, pretty, pretty good reason for you to get some more sun. The reason the health and wellness department has a surge of this vitamin is because of the impact it has on athletes.

A study in progress suggests that those with lean mass have more active vitamin D and those with more fat have more inactive vitamin D. Another study conducted in the University of Tulsa, saw that 77% of male athletes jumped lower, ran relatively slower and had lighter one rep maxes to a group of athletes with healthy levels of vitamin D. Now, we will have to wait and see whether it’s correlation or causation…

But till then, it’s worth your while to soak in some sun and reap other benefits of this vitamin. With stronger bones and less chances of injuries equals more gains.

Here’s a quick recipe to get the Vitamin with Calcium for best absorption;


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