Why you can’t ever have an Excuse to not Workout

Bodyweight workouts!

A lot of people dismiss their workout regimes as inconvenient because they require travel time, resources or equipment they don’t have. Luckily for them, bodyweight workouts demand nothing beyond..take a wild guess. Bodyweight exercises engage different muscle groups and are great for making gains, flexibility and overall health. Follow the list below if you need some more convincing

1. It’s effortlessly efficient

Combining strength training and cardio in quick rotation demands high output, keeping your heart rate up and muscles busy. For example doing 10 burpees in a decreasing sequence (10,9,8..1) and running 200m between each set will be challenging to people with different fitness levels.. Bringing me to my second point

2. It can be scaled up or down for anyone

If you’re a fitness elitist, doing this sequence super-fast with no breaks will do as much , justice as it to you as it does to someone with little or no experience who will only take longer to finish. The opportunities to challenge yourself become endless, altering duration or modifying the exercise itself can vastly change intensity. If lunges are too easy, make them dynamic. If squats are easy, alternate them with a 30 second squat hold.

3. Like love, it don’t cost a thing

You don’t need a gym membership or expensive equipment, those expenses can get hefty. It’s plausible to think the free cost of this exercise made it amass popularity.

4. Core strength

Any bodyweight movement is going to engage your core, as opposed to some exercises done in isolation, these movements don’t neglect your core. A stronger trunk can help alleviate the pains of a weak back, give you flexibility and is the foundation to overall body strength.

5. It can improve balance
A lot of movements can be made more complex by challenging the stability of the exercise. Pistol squats (one legged squat) requires incredible strength and balance and can shake up great athletes.

6. You can switch it up

If you’re feeling particularly outdoorsy take your workout to the closest park and combine sprints with a few plyometric exercises like box jumps, explosive push ups or lateral jumps. You can also do a group workout with a friend where one person does a hold till the other runs a lap. You will never get bored of your routine.

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