Why the Summer is No Excuse to Not Workout

Many of us take to the outdoors to exercise, and when the elements are starting a third world war against us- it tests our grit. The humidity is no joke, and I’m convinced it’s the reason most people in this city are angry all the time. Since most of us are obliged to stick to our schedules, our workout hours could be brutal in the summer solstice. So, taking precautions is important, and it may make your workout more comfortable.

1. You guessed it… Stay Hydrated, or stay foolish

Sweat feels really good, they’re tangible drops of effort that remind us we were in beast mode by the end of our workout. But, excess sweat is not always the best- you could feel dizzy and pass out if you don’t stay hydrated. So grab a thermos, pack it with ice and remember to sip. If you don’t have one, we got your back.

2. Your clothes need to breathe too

Wear thin breathable clothing preferably made up of Lycra, Bamboo, Nylon, Polyester. Lighter colors are the course of attire for many, but nothing will ever be the new black- so do you

3. Listen to your body

This may be the hardest thing to do for some, because you want to give it your all despite the hurdles. But if the last two burpees are going to jeopardize you- recognize that and stop. The sun can be scorching and and as previously mentioned, the humidity is not forgiving; if it’s too brutal, your not compromising yourself if you stop.

Once you take these precautions, with special emphasis on point 3, take pride in the fact that you sought the mental toughness within you to battle the heat. An increase in core body temperature also suppresses your appetite; think about it, what would you rather have on a hot day- a cold juice, or a heat-y snack.

Fighting the humidity head on is a major accomplishment, and if you are outdoors sweating buckets, remember two things, don’t forget your sunblock, and you’re a champion! You’re making yourself tougher for when it gets chilly- remember to take note of your marked improvement.


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