Why Sipping Milkshake on a Sunny Beach Could Make Your Bones Stronger

If India was your stomping grounds as a kid, one of the following statements has got to be true; You were forced, often manhandled to drink a glass of milk before you could play with your friends or you ate a whole bunch of calcium tablets from a bottle that looked like a dog… As a mini-you, you could afford to take bumps, falls, fractures if you were rowdy- no problem, it healed. But for men and women over the age of 50… not the same story.

Bones like bricks, muscles like cement. If our muscles don’t keep our bones strong, their at stake, without which, old age could be spent feeling handicapped and bent. Bone strength is lost when bone mass is lost, bone mass is lost for various reasons that come with age, hormones, smoking, drinking and dietary flaws.

Weak bones don’t mean too much… until one falls or trips. That’s when a reality check of age hits home and recovery is a slow and incomplete process. Word on the street says Vitamin D teamed with Calcium will be more effective. As we know, Calcium is not the most easily absorbed nutrient, enter Vitamin D. The more efficient break down of Calcium helps with bone density, health and healing.

As always, prevention is the best cure. exercise makes your muscles strong and stimulates bone cell activity, food is medicine, so if you’re vegan and proud, double up on leafy greens. Invest in furthering your youth and you will age like fine wine. It’s simple, kids.


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