What To Do When The Numbers On The Scale Don’t Change

Take this with a pinch of salt.

This one stop solution does not apply if you’re doing the following:

  1. Hormonal Changes– Fluctuations between 1 or 2 kilos is not alarming. It can be attributed to a number of things. If things seem abnormal for too long, the best thing to do is see a physician.
  2. Circumstances– If you ate something that day or the previous day, have period bloat, were idle, deviated from your normal elimination schedule; weight gain is not questionable.
  3. Stress– The increase in cortisol, your stress hormone can advocate for the weight gain (especially the midsection area). Stress management and exercise would be helpful in these situations.
  4. Medication– A lot of prescribed medicines have a play on your hormonal system; if you have recently changed your medicine, either speak with your physician for a different kind or wait it out to see if it drops.
  5. Diseases– Onset of thyroid, Cushing’s, Diabetes and plenty others have an effect on your weight. It could either be your metabolism, or chemical changes the medications are causing, or even just weakness that causes inactivity.
  6. Strength Training– If you have recently embarked upon a regimen that promotes muscle growth, your answers lie there.

This pseudo hack will only apply to healthy individuals who are settling into their healthy lifestyles but are feeling demotivated because the numbers on the scale have not changed. 

Step 1

Go to your weighing scale

Step 2 

Pick it up

Step 3

Go to your trash can

Step 4

Put your weighing scale in your trash can

With utmost compassion, we have all been there.

Eat something, step on your scale. Work out, step on your scale. Take a sip of water, step on your scale. Breathe, step on your scale. It is an unhealthy habit that stressing upon will never fix.

And the more you stress and obsess, the harder it becomes. Forgive the preachiness, it only comes from experience- The number (kgs) you desire to be could be irrational and an aspiration to fit into a normal range (your peers are not a focus group or yardstick). This does not allow you trust the process (major key). Once you change your vantage point you will notice how little the numbers matter, and in time, being active, getting a good night’s rest will result in happiness and not a specific number.

Again, this is for those people who have not been advised to lose weight for medical reasons and do not fall under any of the aforementioned causes.

Putting the scale away will allow you to focus on how happy being healthy makes you, and to stop sweating the small stuff. This is no consolation, just a part of the process.



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