Try parsley for a kidney cleanse

Parsley is a diuretic, which can decrease the fluid volume in the body by increasing urine output.  So, the regular consumption of parsley can increase the flow of fluids through the kidneys as bacteria and germs are flushed out.

Parsley is loaded with potassium, vitamin B, A and C, iron, chlorophyll, sodium, copper, thiamin and riboflavin. It also contains essential oil and flavonoids, which can prevent tumor formation and fight free radicals.

It also contains myristicin and apiole, help increase urine flow that removes infection-causing bacteria from the urinary tract. Parsley also helps detoxify the body and the diuretic effect helps prevent kidney stones and urinary tract infections.

Parsley also enables the kidneys to flush out excess sodium and water, thereby preventing the retention of water and salt in the body and the constriction of blood vessels. Parsley is also good for strengthening the urinary bladder and preventing kidney stones. Parsley is also a good source of folic acid, which strengthens the heart and reduces one’s risk of stroke and heart disease.

It can also help fight bad breath. This is because parsley contains large amounts of chlorophyll, which is responsible for counterbalancing bad breath. Some studies also suggest that parsley can be used to treat ear infections, bruises, digestive problems, anemia, gout, insect bites, liver congestion and can aid in weight loss.

Regular consumption of parsley can also give one  a clean, clear complexion, because it flushes out the kidneys, cleans out the digestive tract and purifies the blood.

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