Our top 5 effective weight loss exercises

Weight loss has a lot to do with effective exercises and healthy eating. Most calorie-burning exercises will have both cardio and weight training, which will allow you to burn fat at a faster rate. Here are our top 5 most effective exercises to lose weight and get toned and fit.

Step Aerobics: Aerobics and in particular step aerobics are not only a good cardio workout, but target the hips the legs and tone the body. Try and do an hour a day and you will notice significant results within a week. If you cannot do an hour a day, split it into two half an hour sessions.

Dancing: Dancing is not only a fun way to lose weight, but it will tone your entire body and is a great way to relieve stress. Even if you just dance for 30 minutes every day, either free style or ballroom, you will notice a difference within a month’s time. If you don’t have the time to join a class, simply pop in your favourite dance DVD and get moving.

Brisk walking:Brisk walking is perhaps the easiest way to burn calories and tone your legs, stomach and hips. If you can manage to walk across hills or uphill you will burn additional calories and get toned and fitter faster. Also, try walking everywhere, because in addition to being cheap, it is also a good cardio exercise and will not only keep the weight off, but will ensure that you stay healthy.

Take a hike :Literally take a hike. Hiking will not only tone your legs and glutes, but it is an effective fat burner.  It is also a great stress buster and will enable you to enjoy the fresh air, spend quality time outdoors in nature and get toned.

Weight training: Is another effective way to lose weight and get toned. Weight training is an effective way to burn fat and give your muscles the toned, defined look. If done regularly, you will notice subtle results in a few weeks time. Most experts recommend weight training for about 35 to 40 minutes a day, three days a week.

REVOFIT TAKE: Before embarking on any physical programme or exercise regime, you should consult your physician, especially if you suffer from musculoskeletal problems. Also, if you have never exercised before, it is vital that you begin training under the guidance of a skilled personal trainer to avoid injuries.








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