Tips on Making a Fitness Plan and Sticking to It

Sketching out a workout plan can get tedious, but it’s still not as overwhelming as fitting it into a work schedule and maintaining some essence of a social life. But good things come to those who wait..and plan. So here’s a few pointers on how to get started.

  1. Don’t wait for Monday

There’s no room for procrastination, if you can start now, then do so without further ado. It’s one of those promises we make to ourselves knowing there’s a good chance we’re going to break it. But be honest with yourself, and lay the foundation for discipline down cold. 

  1. Visualize your goal

There should be no motivation better than a better you, a healthier you and a happier you. When you skip your workout to watch a movie, you’re putting yourself second. Make a real or virtual dream board with motivational quotes or pictures for when your own well dries. Pinterest does a good job at kicking the lazy away.

  1. Plan..plan..plan

If Monday-Wednesday-Friday are your workout days, then stick to it. Pick your days mindfully, make sure your commitments will not interfere with them, and if a friend calls with a plan, learn how to say NO. If you want to stick to your plan this time, it is vital for it to be plausible. If you want to see results, nothing less than 3-5 times a week will cut it. If you want to maintain or see changes in increments, you could get away with a day less.

  1. Preparation premeditates success

Major changes in lifestyle are deliberate, and whether it’s planning your meals, or sleeping an hour early so you can wake up for your morning session- anything that will help you maintain your schedule will help make your hour of exercise more routine and permanent.  

  1. Find a workout buddy

If you don’t have a personal trainer coming home and find yourself talking your way out of working out, find a friend who will push you when you need it and vice versa. Group fitness is another great way to start with the added advantage of instruction and strength in numbers.

  1. Active wear

Whoever said you can’t look good when you workout may not have been a sight for sore eyes. Breaking a sweat in style can push you to complete the last mile, rep or even get you excited for the gym.

If you take anything home, let it be that you have to prioritize you and your health. Be very selfish and make that commitment to yourself. Trust the process, because once you see results, it becomes addictive.

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