Tips to avoid overeating after a workout

After a workout, your body needs to replenish its fuel stores, but this does not mean you go off on a binge. Because if you do this, it negates the workout.  So if you are looking to take the edge off your hunger, simply follow these tips and with any luck you will get a flatter and not a flabbier tummy.

Avoid intense workouts
The more intense the workout, the hungrier you are likely to become  and this will cause you to eat more. So, avoid engaging in high-intensity training more than thrice a week.

Drink more water
If we’re not attuned to our bodies, it is possible for us to mistake thirst for hunger, so before you grab your favourite high calorie snack, drink a tall glass of water. And if you are still hungry, pick a healthy snack like a fruit or a handful of raw unsalted nuts. Ideally, one should drink eight to ten glasses of water a day.

Eat within 30 minutes after a workout
Some health practitioners believe that if one works out just before a meal, it could help curb one’s appetite and prevent one from reaching for fatty, refined, sugary snacks.

Choose healthy snacks
Instead of choosing pre-packaged “health snacks” choose a healthy home made carb-and-protein snack, like plain fat-free yogurt with a few slices if apples, a handful of grapes or half a cup of strawberries.

If you follow these tips you will get fit, toned and healthy.

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