There’s an Elephant in the Room

It’s almost 2017 and it’s time we address the elephant in the room. Mental health is a taboo topic, and we live in a world that applauds recovery only when a celebrity makes the effort to talk about it. As a society, nation and part of the human race we cannot get awkward about talking such a widespread reality. 1 in 5 Indians are affected by mental health diseases, including but not limited to depression, psychosis, addiction and bi-polar conditions. We have a civil duty to be compassionate towards the issue and allow those affected to speak up. Before I continue, take a minute to think about any statements or actions you have made that may be insensitive towards someone with a mental health condition…

When someone close to us is affected, we obviously become more empathetic and treat the illness with more kindness. This is not about people wearing their heart on their sleeves, it’s about being comfortable in expressing their condition and seeking professional help to live a quality life. Kanye West brought the topic of mental health to be voiced on a global stage, while there were some who made fun of him, there were many who extended their hand in support. Unfortunately the latter was outnumbered.

If you’re still trying to figure out why I am talking about mental health it’s because without a peace of mind or working towards one, sleeping and eating patterns are severely affected- and those are just the superficial symptoms. When a person’s peace of mind is robbed from them, social lives, careers and healthy relationships become a distant goal- things we take for granted.

This is not a rant about eating healthy and sleeping more, it’s a plea, a plea to be more human.

Depression is the leading cause of suicide, and with increased competition in the workplace, social media pressures, decreasing health of family members and war, no one is immune to it. So before you say you’re depressed because you missed your favorite concert this weekend, know that people around you may be frying bigger fish. Clinical and even temporary mental illnesses can be debilitating, I’m not licensed to speak of either cures, but I can speak for myself and people I know first hand when I say, exercise can do wonders when you feel like the world is knocking you down.

But that’s not the take away. Be human- I could not say it enough. Be less judgmental, everyone is fighting a struggle you don’t know of. If you’re approached by a friend who is troubled, don’t by any means tell them they are “overreacting, and to snap out of it,” or “you know how they are feeling (because you most likely don’t)”. Instead, listen, that’s what a good friend would do.



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