The Diabetes Friendly Grain

Not all rice is created equally, apart from differing in texture and taste, there is a monumental difference in nutritional value. Many types of rice provide different textures, tastes and nutritional value. Given the options easily available, there is not a reason in the world that is good enough to justify eating white rice. I am specifically talking about daily consumption of white rice. Our taste buds are very adaptable, and once you mentally take the call to treat your body better, it will not take you long to prefer the darker, superior grain.


  • The process of refining the grain depletes rice it of bran and germ making it starchy and starved of nutrients
  • Bran and germs are rich in dietary fiber, B vitamins and essential fats that are important for human health- all of which is lost in making rice white
  • Avoid eating white rice every day at all costs, especially if you’re diabetic or want to lose weight.


  • Brown rice undergoes minimal processing and retains it’s inherent protein, fiber and bran making it minimally starchy.
  • The higher content of fiber in brown rice will keep you full longer while stabilizing your blood sugar level
  • The superior form of the grain, by far will make for a delicious meal and will promote weight loss


  • Rich in antioxidants, bran and germ, Red rice is a fantastic substitute for White rice
  • Packed with essential nutrients like Vitamin B1, B3, magnesium, selenium and iron
  • The antioxidant is good for the rice-eater who needs an immune system boost and wants to lose or manage their weight.

All of which being said, it’s easy to point the demonizing grain of the bunch. White rice doesn’t promote good gut health, makes you sleepy and lazy and is stripped of it’s nutrients. It’s hard to turn sushi down, so don’t worry about eating it in those amounts once in a while, but everyday consumption of white rice is the reason your movements could be disrupted, the reason why you get hungry a short time after you finish a plate of Biryani and it could also be making you more prone to Type 2 Diabetes.



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