The Single Change That Helped Me Transform in Three Months

Rethinking the most important meal of the day.

I consider myself rather seasoned in the space of health, nutrition and transformations. From when I started with obsessive workout schedules, to trying to hack a more scientific route of reaching my weight loss goals- the only thing that was slim was my chances of breaking a plateau.

Then came my knight in shining armor; intermittent fasting. After a lot of research and a good gut feeling, I bit the bullet and decided to fast for 16 hours daily. The only way to fit my meals in an 8 hour period was to skip breakfast; behold all nutrition nazis experts, for my skepticism almost came in the way of my own breakthrough.
My older photos fashion a bigger midsection, as seen below from my side and front profile.









I knew skipping breakfast was a notorious metabolism killer, but the extensive research I did prior highlighted how fasting (correctly, albeit), can improve cognitive functioning as well as tap into pesky sources of very stubborn fat.

With 5-6 high intensity workouts per week, and a smaller eating period- I started feeling better in 1 week and saw a visible difference in about a month or so.

The Good
I felt light with little to no bloat- almost all the time. My problem area was my lower abdomen, which now sits comfortably in a smaller jean size. (I went from a US 6 to a US 4).

The time crunch gave me an allowance for bigger meals and room for indulgent food. I ate bigger meals, and bread and cheese was no longer a foe.

The Great 
My relationship with food changed. From obsessing about what my next meal was going to be, and constant nibbling on some snack or the other, I was able to look at food as the best tasting source of fuel.

The Bad
I had a few moments of weakness where I had to fight morning hunger pangs and day dream of brunch. The worst was grappling with my sweet tooth and resisting dessert after dinner; I’d go so far as scooping Nutella on a spoon, but my flatter stomach and after picture put my cravings to rest.









A lot of naysayers believe it’s not feasible in the long term, but because it synchronized so beautifully with my schedule- I’m giving it another 3 months to see how I can adapt it to make it more permanent. The trick is to find a window that fits your work and exercise schedule, realize how one week can improve how you feel and the strength gained over anyone battling with obsessive munching is paramount in giving it a shot.


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