The Reebok Crossfit Nano 7.0

Without getting into the extreme mechanics and blueprint intricacies of Reebok’s newest Crossfit shoe, my review of the shoe is largely concerned with versatility/where else could they be worn, in comparison to it’s predecessors/how it compares to the older versions, comfort, fit, breathability and last, aesthetic.

In no particular order, from my sole to yours…

1. Fit and Comfort- 3.5/5 and 4.5/5

There was a bit of size variation, and US 8 and US 9, felt like the distance between coast to coast. But being adorned with slightly broader feet, it wasn’t too snug and made up for the aforementioned size disparity.

After the 2nd wear, I can safely say I could slip into my shoes without having to retie my laces, which is an ideal fit. And the sole is also tender, making heavy weight-bearing movements slightly more comfortable.

2. Agility/Bendiness- 2.5/5

Even on the face of it, the Nano 7 seems like it would be hard to run in, and my worries were soon confirmed without the completion of even 400m. They wouldn’t come in handy for long running WODS, or anything that has to do with torque and agility drills. That being said these shoes come much in hand when your day’s forecast is heavy weightlifting with a slight chance of box jumps.

3. How does it compare- 3/5

The O.G Nano shoe is highly relative, but my personal favorite is the 3. Because it allows me to move faster, do double-unders, rope climb, grip the floor and then some.

4. Aesthetic – Jury is out/5

Personally not mad at all grey colorway. Minus that pair, it’s safe to say, it’s an all business, get the job done well type of shoe over fashion.

The final world- If you want to get into bootcamps, Crossfit, outdoor HIIT with powerlifting, you will need a flexible show with good heel support. However, the Jack of all trade shoes don’t work as well. So, if you have a running shoe, I’d give you the thumbs up on the Nano, if you have weightlifting shoes that you’re happy with I’d look into older versions like Nano 3 and 5.


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