The Only Workout you Need to Shape the Back of your Thigh

They say the best curve you can own is the one on your face, wrong, it’s at the back of your thigh. The curve that starts a little south of the buttock and goes all the way down your thigh is because of the hamstring. A defined hamstring muscle will give you that aesthetic that makes you want to cut your midi dress to mini ones, and for men, proof that they don’t skip leg day.

Definition will shine in the absence of extra fat, and this workout cannot solely carve your thighs- but it is an absolute necessity to add in the mix of everything. Roll the red carpet out for…..the stiff-leg deadlift!

All you need is a pair of dumbbells, feel free to grab a barbell once you progress.

1. Keep your legs and feet shoulder-width apart

2. Hold your dumbbells close to your body, palms facing inward

3. Keeping an ever so slight bend in your knees, bend down from your hips and push them outward

4. Don’t focus on going low but on pushing your hips back

5. Engage your core and maintain the arch in your back

6. Start with 3 sets of 20 and wait patiently for the soreness



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