The One Mistake Even Trainers Make Sometimes

By first hand experience, I have seen a dozen trainers instruct me to conduct static stretches prior to my workout. I recently realized it’s not the most rare sight; I go to plenty of gyms and I see people do slow, static stretches before they get on treadmills. This may not seem like the most stark offense, but not stretching correctly before your workout will lead to injuries and there’s no two ways about that. You may get away with it a few times but take that as a sign that the man above loves you. A lot of gym goers have been out of commission for months because of this carelessness.

Here’s the low down on stretching; dynamic stretching, especially when there is a nip in the air is infinitely important to warm your muscles up, enable mobility and get your blood flowing to the right places- especially in the morning. This is a cardinal rule and it only takes 3-4 minutes to get moving faster.

If you have ever noticed runners moving with their elbows tucked into their chest, you can put money on the bet that they did not stretch correctly. Over time, not stretching will restrict your range of motion and multiply your chances of injury.

Dynamic stretches will also prepare your mind for your workout ahead, and when it comes down to it, it’s basic hygiene- like brushing your teeth.

Wherever and whenever you’re working out, make sure to do these fundamental stretches;

-rotate your arms, hips, toes and shoulders.

-grab a pole or something sturdy and swing your leg back and forth and side to side

-spread your legs hip width and with your legs straightened, touch the floor

-lunges and alternate toe touches

-high knees


No matter what your fitness or zeal level is, if you care about injury, assign those 5 minutes of your regime to dynamic stretching.



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