The One Change for the Busiest of Bodies to Lose Belly Fat FAST

Lose fat fast by fasting… get it?

If there’s one thing that every working individual can agree on, is that being strapped for time can interfere with reaching health goals. Whether your reasons are to feel more confident, avoid diseases or be a better athlete- work becomes a higher priority and food becomes an enemy-of sorts.

But, when life gives us lemons- what do we do, squeeze the life out of it and make an all health elixir of lemonade.

Controlling our eating habits can take time; from moving our mindsets to the kitchen and trying to understand the A-Z of nutrition, we lose a lot of time instead of inches. The one thing that can be possible for you to start even tomorrow, is being very disciplined about your fasting period.

Before you dismiss it as something that is only adopted by the fanatics of the health and fitness world, know that this is something that you can modify as per your lifestyle and schedule. Intermittent fasting boasts benefits for your whole body. From better skin, immunity, performance, metabolism, digestion; there’s an increase in mental cognition, blood pressure and blood sugar. 

There are two ways to fast, one is a 5:2, where you consume less than 500 calories for two non-consecutive days of the week and following a normal diet on the other 5. This proves to be tough because of maintenance of social lives, cooking and eating with a family as well as a bigger chance to opt out.

The time restriction diet makes for a smaller eating window and a fasting period of 14-16 hours. Because this is something that can be done every day, and gives us a reasonable daily calorie allowance, it is highly favored by athletes, those with pressing clinical issues as well as people who want to see results fast.

The prescription for exercise to maintain healthy joints, moods muscles and bones doesn’t change. Physical fitness is a paramount component and a sign of a healthy person. If you’re too tired to exercise, a brisk walk with a careful consideration of food will help you lose inches in a short time. The discipline it takes will have to overcome a few headaches, hunger pangs and irritation, but the benefits outnumber it by 10 folds.

Reverse Aging –To an extent… Fasting as an environmental stress is beneficial to our cells in their fight against being oxidized, our cells toughen up against the oxidation process and starts to look better, smoother and younger.

Muscular Composition-When we loose weight, it is a combination of fat and muscle loss. The lean muscle that is retained promotes a healthy metabolism which is key to burning fat.

Blood Sugar-Fasting is shown to control blood sugar levels, although the jury is still out on exactly why it happens, the chances of type 2 diabetes are reduced significantly because our cells are less insulin resistant.

Happier Hearts-The chances of a strokes and heart attacks is significantly less, as fasting lowers cholesterol by 32% and triglycerides by 42%. Combined with it’s positive impact on blood pressure we can alleviate life altering risks of attacks.

Think Better-Fasting calls for our brains to produce a protective protein that strengthen the connections- improving memory, retention and cognition.

The cherry on top, stubborn belly fat-Our body turns to fat and can even reach the notorious, stick in the mud fat in our belly for energy.

Now, put these benefits together… What do you end up with? A body on auto pilot that is leaner, meaner and disease free. Try it for a few weeks and make sure it fits with your schedule, try to keep your eating window from 8 A.M- 6 P.M, this is when our body’s metabolism is the highest.



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