The Most Common Mistake we Make when Setting A Goal

It feels like yesterday  when we told ourselves we would get into our old jeans, or drop weight because that number feels right, be a champion at a new discipline you just started. But, of course, defeat can be one hell of a teacher.

Forget about your regrets, let go of your remorse and let them evolve into the next year’s goals.

The problem is not tough love, in this case- it’s a reminder that there may be an issue with the goals we’re setting. Think about why you set these goals. If they have not been advised by a health professional, introspect to understand why you want these things to come into fruition. And think clear.

At the epicentre of rejected and dismissed resolutions lies the lack of a plan to carry it out. 2018 is about redeeming yourself for all the things you wanted to do- but from a different vantage point.

First, systematically plan out how you want to improve your health- whether you want to run faster, lift heavier, look leaner, be a gymnast, be a dancer- anything; have a path to how you want to get there.

Sick of eating junk food? Then make 2018 about improving your long term relationship with food. There’s no food that is inherently bad, so don’t make it the evil. Many times, overeating is rooted to another issue. Take time to think about it.
With more than 1000 recipes and healthy recommendations that are designed for your palate and goals, eat right in 2018 with Revofit. 

Want to be 10kgs lighter? Why? Reflect as to why you place so much importance on the scale. Weight loss is a byproduct of a healthy lifestyle, so the more effective way to go about it, is to plan how you want to workout. When you want to, have all your gear ready and make it fit into your time schedule. It is important- you are important.
With overcrowding in gyms, let the revolution begin at home. Bodyweight programs designed with ready made workouts coupled with complete guidance from your virtual trainer. 

Don’t make the same mistake twice, there’s a method to the madness and that’s team effort. Join the family and make 2017’s losses 2018’s triumphs! Community is at the heart of successes, and with reaching your goals, it’s important for your support system to understand the struggles.
The only thing you have to do on your own is start. 


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