The Grey Area of Targeting Fat

For any fitness fanatics, professionals and etc., this may be one of the most painful questions to answer. Since it is only right and fair to answer all questions with poise, we allow the screaming to be done by our inner monologues. Because despite the blood, sweat and tears it took to make progress, problematic areas happen to be the most diva-esque deposits of adipose-stubborn fat.

The Status Quo

To function, your body needs energy; it gets this from carbohydrates as they are efficient and of avail. In the absence of carbs, your body uses stored fat through a process called Ketogenesis. (Yes it’s the same diet your friend is on). So there is no way to command fatty cells from a specific place to be used, it is an overall decrease that leads to an overall loss.

The Maybe

A Keto diet is scientific and could work for you, but would require a deeper look into lifestyle and history before you bid the carb a farewell. A low carb diet will ensure the use of stored fat and will also regulate how much insulin is absorbed by the stubborn fat.As far as working out, weight loss followed by a targeted strength training routine will come close to helping you reach results.

So, if you have been on a gym hiatus and very present at your favorite bar, the muscle in your arms escape you and the fat in your love handles get clingier- so it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking targeting fat loss (love handles) is as easy as not gaining weight in different target (arms). But, as the cookie crumbles and the world seems unfair again, we know our stomachs get big because that is the simply the residence of adipose tissue that is highly insulin sensitive- thereby forcing the fat cells to store more fat in the name of self-preservation.

Only in a perfect world could I communicate with my pancreas and let it know I am not dying I am just trying to lose an inch… but till my dreams take center stage… there may be one thing we can do…

If you’re fit and you have hit a weight loss plateau- Know how to trick the insulin in your body, workout in the morning after you fast (whilst asleep) so your body is forced to use stored fat.

The Inconvenient Truth

If you’re fat cells are like the house guests that never left, being on the larger side spot reduction and targeting will work to a small degree. You will lose overall weight, but if you follow a cardio workout with a high rep strength routine there is a higher chance of targeting.

Quite simply put, if you have a problematic area, especially one that is in your genes, accept that it is the last place your energy will come from. But all is not lost, overall fat and weight loss will being you one step closer to monitoring stubborn fat.


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