Tabata is a compact workout designed to improve fitness, agility and burn calories in a short period of time. Conducted in bursts of 20 seconds where you push to your ultimate limit, allow 10 seconds of recovery, and repeat this 8 times to make for all of 4 minutes of high intensity training.

  1. You can add it to any of your existing workouts
    A lot of people think Tabata needs to be done multiple times for it to be efficient, but one round is super-efficient, straight from the creator, Dr. Tabata’s mouth.
  2. Constantly testing your limits
    Because it is of such a short duration, it is only right for you to push your limits and get the most output in those 20 seconds. Match your performance with each successive round.
  3. EPOC
    Excess Post-exercise oxygen consumption, which means there is a calorie burn after you finish your workout further boosting your metabolism.


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