No Excuse Travel Workout

One great thing about the fitness bug is that even on holiday, the urge to workout does not go on vacation. Whether it’s for work or leisure, a 20 minute workout will undeniably keep you on track, in shape and uplifted. Caution, there will be haters, i.e, people who tell you that you’re ridiculous for packing in your exercise sneakers and that is because the only exercise they are probably doing is bicep curling food and drinks indiscriminately. Don’t listen to people who are probably just envious of your discipline and realize the pride in staying on your grind!

Your gym bag is packed, pre-workout chugged but you forgot to ask the concierge about gym facilities. Just so happens that there isn’t one, or there is one, but there’s nothing but a treadmill and overcrowded weights area. You’re also on the clock and have to run to a meeting or pregame session, what in the world are you to do?

You could get a great workout in the confines of your hotel room, or if you’re in a beach-y location, ditch the sneakers and get ready for a super hard workout. When there’s a will..

Let us show you the way..

Dynamic Stretches

Warm up 

Spot jog-30 seconds

Jumping Jacks-30 seconds

Air Skips-30 seconds

10 rounds

10 push ups (novice- knee push ups, experienced-regular push ups, advanced-inclined push ups)

10 squats (novice-get ups on chair or bed, experienced-regular squats, advanced-squat jumps)

10 sit ups

10 burpees (novice-without push ups, experienced and advanced-with push ups)

If at any point you find this too hard (beyond your threshold), scale down to 5 rounds. If you’re inner beast doesn’t feel challenged, do it in faster time. The beauty of bodyweight workouts is they can always be scaled up and down by the time we choose to take between rounds.



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