Strong is the New Sexy

If there’s anything that itches my hand towards a stress ball or better yet a bigot’s face, it’s when people try to tell women what their bodies should look like. This hegemonic idea that women lose their femininity when they pick up weights is getting old, and it needs to stop. Weightlifting is like the protein component in your diet; it’s vital to incorporate in a balanced workout schedule. Building muscle aids in fat loss, speeds up your metabolism and even in the least amount it’s absolutely functional.

It’s one that we live in a country where women are outnumbered, but to see the same on gym floors is upsetting. To a large extent, there’s more women who are consumed in cardio and ab workouts than in strength training. With reference to women who want to lift but won’t, I am going to make a daring assumption and attribute that reason to someone who shamed women who lift weights- to whichever degree. So with a super quick reality check, let’s remember to never give anyone that power to tell us how to shape our bodies. Another thing, women do not bulk the way men do; it is physically impossible due to our significantly lower levels of testosterone. So when women lift, our muscles undergoes hypertrophy but they don’t gain mass the way men’s muscles do. The only you could bulk up is if you consume excessive calories. If you want to look ‘toned’ and ‘tight,’ strength training will help you achieve that aesthetic.

So, if you’re looking into a weightlifting routine, keep the following tips in mind:

1. Form is a major key

Perfect your form before you start lifting, because with bad form you would either not progress or worse, injure yourself.

2. Compound exercises

Club two exercises together for better gains. You get way more bang for your buck if you do a thruster (front squat + shoulder press), then isolating the two. To do a thruster, hold dumb bells in both hands at shoulder height. Descend into a squat without letting your elbows sag, while standing up straight from the squat, drive power from your hips (by opening them), ending the movement with your hands straight above your head as close to your ears. Bring the weight down to shoulder height before you begin the next rep. And boom!

3. Grab a workout buddy

Besides being a cheerleader for you friend, if you have any anxiety of working out in a male dominated area, a friend would soothe your nerves and work as an icebreaker while making it fun.

4. Stretch

Even regular gym-goers underestimate how important it is to stretch before and after your workout. Dynamic stretches are a great warm up followed by static stretches to cool down. Although it won’t help a great deal with muscle soreness, it will increase your range of motion and flexibility.

5. Compliment your workouts with a good meal

To see the fruits of your efforts, its as important to get the right post-workout nutrition.Pack in your proteins in order to employ muscle growth and repair along with carbohydrates to restore your energy sources.

Weight training promotes strength (not size), and there is nothing sexier or more empowering when you see #girlswholift






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