Spicy tuna and quinoa salad

PREP TIME– 10 minutes

• 1 onion, sliced.
• 350 gms red or yellow bell peppers, sliced
• 1 tbsp olive oil
• 1 red chilli, finely choppedor 1 tsp chilli flakes
• 225 gms quinoa (pre-cooked)
• 350 gms cherry tomatoes, halved or you can use regular size tomatoes too.
• Handful of black olives, chopped
• 225 gms  of flaked tuna in olive oil

1. Fry the onion and bell peppers in the oil until they turn soft. Add the chilli or chilli flakes.
2. Let it cool for some time.
3. Mix the quinoa, onion mixture with bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, olives and tuna together.
4. Divide between 4 plates, pour over a little of the oil from the tuna jar, season and serve.

NUTRITIONAL VALUE: (per serving)
Calories- 298
Protein- 17 gms
Carbs- 28 gms
Fat- 13 gms
Saturates-2 gms
Fibre- 7 gms
Sugar- 10 gms
Salt- 0.7 gms

-You can use couscous (as per availability) if you want, instead of quinoa.
-You can also grill the tomatoes for a bit, if you don’t like the flavour of raw tomatoes.

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