Skipping- The Dark horse of cardio

It’s safe to say that most people know running, cycling, rowing and climbing equipment can make for a great cardiovascular workout, but if you want to increase coordination, conditioning, agility and most of all burn a lot of calories, you’re in for a treat. Here’s why a small investment in a skipping rope can go a long way.

  1. Low-impact = low risk for injury
    Running is one third of the holy trinity of cardio, but it’s plausible to say it may be too high impact (read-high risk of injury) for some people. There’s nothing inherently wrong with running or sprinting, but if you have not conditioned your muscles for either, there’s higher risk involved.
    The only requirements of correct form is to staying aligned and keeping your trunk engaged- both happen rather instinctively. If the rope gets stuck under your foot, you catch a toe or pull a muscle the activity is abandoned, and there’s nothing that can happen beyond.
  2. Full body high intensity exercise
    A minute of jumping rope can burn an average of 16 calories, which can be varied greatly by speed and modifications. Because you’re using multiple muscle groups it becomes a strenuous cardio and strength workout.
  3. It improves coordination
    True athleticism is miles beyond herculean strength; it includes coordination, a skill that contributes to building technique. It makes you more weary of your movement and seamlessly integrate your body to be in sync. Think of it as sharpening your reflexes and don’t be surprised if you’re suddenly able to dodge something that comes at you fast.
    There’s a reason the greatest fighters jumped rope as a part of their every day training.
  4. You can get fit anywhere on a budget
    If you’re restricted on space this is nothing less than a match made in heaven. Its compact, you can travel with it and whip it out anywhere. You can buy a rope for Rs.150 and there you go, a great workout with no holes in your wallet.
  5. Use it as a warm up or add it to your existing workout routine
    Jumping rope does a great job of bringing your heart rate up and thoroughly warming you up before a strength training workout. You could also skip between workouts as active rest which is allowing a muscle group to recover without letting your heart rate drop.
  6. Muscle build
    If you lust after toned calves tennis players adorn, ditch the calve raises. Skipping helps with calve muscle hypertrophy- try single legged hops for an extra load.
  7. It’s just fun!
    Jumping rope becomes a song your muscles dance to, if you’re having a hard time getting a hold of this-which is expected if you’re virgin to it, maintain a beat in your mind. And with practice, it will become like breathing- in being mindlessly consistent, and you’re able to fasten and slower it.
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