Pregames Are Not Always About Drinking Shots

They’re about eating right before you know you will indulge. Kebabs are the real party starter by the Masterchef himself.

Avoiding a curve ball and being prepared is the first step to planning that will make your body very proud! Line your stomach well and if you drink remind your kidneys that you do really love them. These meals will have you feeling light and satiated before you step out to celebrate the festival.

Protein will keep you full longer, coupled with whole grains to take care of your stomach. Maintain your exercise schedule with your pre and post work out meal/shake drills.
What you definitely don’t want to do is go on an empty stomach, you will not thinking about how slender you looked when you’re aching in pain the next day. 

Flooding your bloodstream with alcohol is very hard on your digestive system, kidneys and liver. Healthy fats can slow down the breakdown of alcohol and keep a check on the floodgates.

1. The most handsome skewers there is- our favorite!

2. Lamb and Olive Kebabs

3. Paneer for Protein Lovers 

Don’t forget to hydrate, get a quick exercise in and a lot of shut eye!





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