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In addition to my dog, there’s a few things that can make my heart beat faster. Until of course >>drum roll<< I started wearing a chest belt and monitored my beat through an app. While the newest edition to the Polar family is a Loop watch, I decided to give the belt a go instead because it is the latest device that can be synced to it’s app. I also did not know how different the watch would be from my fit bit.

It’s a two piece product that comes with a bluetooth pop fastened on a belt with adjustable straps to be worn on your chest, under your clothes. The next step was to download the app, feed in my parameters and then it became a very sweaty affair.

My fitness goals like for most if not all is to increase my athleticism. Beyond perceived level of exertion there is no way I can set a tangible yardstick to make sure my progress chart is positive. The app and monitor allowed me to know how long it took me to move into a workout zone or orange zone, and how fast my heart rate fell after I reached training peaks or anaerobic zones. Which translates into showing me that I was in the correct calorie burn output and rapid drops in heart rate signify fitness of heart, which was a personal head nod for me.

The app has different workouts like cycling, running, weight lifting and some more. It showed me my heart rate from the time I started recording my workout till the end and gave me a lot of quantitative data about my heart rate and further, my fitness. The calorie burn was the cherry, whipped cream and sprinkles on top. I always had a rough idea of how much I burned, but seeing those numbers in the flesh allowed me to make better dinner choices.

Accuracy of fitness trackers is a bone of contention; and because I’m not a purist I can say it works and I can accept its error margins.

Pros- showed me my pulse as well as heart rate, wearable band was comfortable and not intrusive, app to specifically track progress over time

Cons- The bluetooth signal is limited so you would need to have the app on your person or close to you within reach for best results.

Revoview- Accurate, adaptable and non intrusive. For 7k and change, it’s a small cost to up your game.



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