Pear and apple coleslaw salad


Cabbage (shredded) 100 gmst ½ medium
1 Apple (julienned)
1 Pear (julienned)
For Dressing
Low Fat Yogurt 4 ttbsp
Pineapple Juice 3 tbsp
Hot Sauce (tabasco) 1 tsp
Sugar 1 tbsp
Coriander (Chopped) 2-3 sprigs


• To make the dressing for the coleslaw, whisk together yogurt, hot sauce, pineapple juice and sugar in a large bowl with a wire whisk until well combined.
• With the help of a knife, shred half the cabbage, slice and julienne the apple and pear. Maintain uniformity in size.
• in a salad bowl, toss the cabbage, apple and pear. Drizzle over the chilled dressing and mix well.
• Chill the Pear and Apple Coleslaw and garnish with finely chopped coriander just before serving.

Note: The dressing can be prepped in advance and refrigerated until required.

Nutrient Content:

Calories: 82 kcals
Proteins: 2 gms
Carbohydrates: 20gms
Fats: 3 gms


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