No-Diet Weight Loss Habits at Work You Can Do Now

It’s 2017, why don’t we do walking lunches?!

It’s only right to make sure the place you spend most of your day is conditioned for healthy habits and is goal friendly. This may appear as fat camp to some, but it’s truly the little things that bring about massive change. Follow on to feel lighter, more productive and as science goes, happier at the workplace.

1. BYO

Food, i.e. Bringing your lunch and something to munch is not only budget friendly but it discourages ordering fast food. The problem arises when many are shocked by how much their own food is impairing their progress; even in these situations it would be best to plan your meals in a way that you don’t have to worry about them the day of. This way you’re more likely to be committed to what you have already planned to eat and not stray from your goal reaching intentions.

2. Snack better

Getting good healthy meals organized is a lot easier for people than trying to snack better. It’s the meals you make in between meals that have the most adverse effects on your weight loss. To some extent this involves a certain amount of change in thought processes; but for the sake of an encore- repetitive changes in behavior lead to habit formation further leading to second nature behavior.

3. Time and Place

Eating at your desk reminds you that you can order another helping or rip open a bag of chips when you’re supposed to be productive. If you separate the two, you will be less likely to want to go to your cafeteria/pantry every time you have to eat. Reminders on your desk with post-its or on your phone can serve as a gentle reminder to not sh*t where you eat. Which progressively turns into an enhanced relationship with food.

4.  Move more

Inactivity at the workplace i.e, sitting for 8 hours a day with little to no exercise is no better than obesity and smoking, as stressed on by Harvard Health. Especially after a meal, sitting down is not the most ideal thing you can do for digestion. Grab some green tea and take a light stroll- see how much instantly better you feel. If you feel restrained by space in your office, have you ever suggested a walking meeting vs a lunch meeting?

5. Water

Hunger is often confused thirst. This is something you can do at home too, but if you just ate, and you think you have pangs, grab some aqua and you are more than likely to realize you’re not hungry.

6. Don’t stress eat

There’s far too many of us, if not all, who are stressed about something if not work. Be it minor or major, the tendency to shut down cortisol with bread is not only ineffective in reaching goals, but it acts as a reward for a neutral or negative mindset, which when repetitively happens, becomes a bad habit.

If you take away one thing- let it be that habits can make or break progress, health and in turn happiness. The good ones will fuel discipline and positive moods while the bad ones will leave you drained and out of focus. Choose wisely.


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