New Series Alert: #RevoMoves for The Push Up

The best thing about most if not all bodyweight movements is that they can be scaled to fitness levels and further, ensure correct form. To kick off a series of informative posts and videos (coming soon to a screen near you), and of course, our virtual trainer via the Revofit App, here’s how to progress towards the ever classic move-The Push Up.

1. The Wall Push Up- For the novice or someone who took a decade long hiatus. 

2. The Incline Push Up- By using an inclined angle you’re cutting your depth and slowly loving towards floor push ups

3. Knee Push Ups- Almost at the home stretch 

P.S- The distance between your palms and knees should be maximized, hips should not sag and your upper body should feel the weight as opposed to merely over arching your back to touch your chest to the ground


4. The Push Up- The Original. Remember to not let your hips sag, to touch your chest to ground before your face and to spread your fingers as if you are gripping the floor.

To gain strength while doing the push up, you can place plates on your upper back and do a few reps. Gradually increase the weight for fewer reps.

4.2) The Military Push Up- It’s a push up that demands more tricep strength, which you exercise by keeping your forearms parallel to the ground in the bottom position. 

5. The Pike Push Up- Ok partner, let’s Rev this push up to the next level

6. The Diamond Push Up- This variation demands a lot more tricep strength than the Military one. Also, who said diamonds are only a woman’s best friend?

7. The Medicine Ball Pass Push Up- This is a core strength movement because it takes stability and rests on the activation of your trunk. 

8.. The Medicine Ball Push Up-A true litmus test for your core

For the true zealots, the web entangles some more, superman push ups, flying superman push ups, finger push ups, clapping push ups, triple clap push ups… and a few more variations.



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