Need to Go Out On Saturday but Feeling Bloated on Thursday?

We have the hacks.

Without preaching a starvation or crash diet, there are ways to get rid of annoying tummy bloat when you have to squeeze into jeans or a tight dress.
Bloat is usually caused by indigestion and if you can’t attribute it to a known cause then you can bet it’s that last bite you warned yourself about. Apart from not eating bread for dinner, end your Thursday evening early (preferably 2 hours before you sleep) with a squeeze of lemon and some good old h2o.
If you need something to balance out the tangy taste, ginger is your best bet.

Why it works?
Lemon- As a natural diuretic it also helps with producing the right enzyme to digest food.
Ginger- It’s digestive enzymes help with relieving gas and flattening the tummy.

Say No to Grains-A high carb meal means more water retention, and when you add grains to the mix, it’s going to slow your process down. Choose protein and healthy fats for dinner.



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