Losing Weight While Wasted? It’s Possible

Music to every poison lover’s ears

Would it be too good to be true, to workout, drink, have a drunk meal, have a hungover meal and lose weight? Absolutely. But would is it plausible to be responsible, make sacrifices, quench your thirst and stay on track? Sure.

Weight loss is nothing but consuming fewer calories than you burn. Weight gain is nothing but consuming more calories than you burn. Referring to the former, a calorie deficit can be made while accommodating your choice of alcohol- but there is a method to the madness.

Moderation. A proverbial Satan to weekend lovers and a guiding angel to those who seek balance. As far as alcohol consumption goes, this works better than a restrictive diet- psychologically and realistically speaking.

Disclaimer: Drinking large amounts of alcohol will always lead to a calorie binge, impaired memory and poor decision making.

Here’s a few things to think about when you, like many- are stuck between a rock and a hard place.

1. Know your priorities

If you want to binge drink, fat loss will take time. If you want to lose fat faster, drink moderately. If you get drunk and eat pizza for breakfast- over and over again, you will gain weight.

2. Empty calories

The emptiness of the compound (ethanol), is attributed to its complete lack of macro nutrients. It won’t help you build muscle nor does it serve as a fuel source. But it doesn’t turn into fat upon consumption. That increase in fat storage comes from your slices, rolls, wraps and everything between (wasted meals).

3. Toxicity

It’s your body’s kryptonite. Your body will recognize poison and shut shop for all fat burning mechanisms. The conversion to acetate is slow; so things munched on after will be more readily stored as fat. Chances of a hangover while all this happens will be pretty high as well.

4. Mix it well

Chasers/mixers are very important on a heavy night. Choose soda, water, lime. The sugar content in most others (Gin and Tonic drinkers) will be the bane of your progress.

5. Pre-meals before the pre-drinks

Eat meals that will keep you full longer. Protein and veggies for an early dinner will always do the needful.

For a deficit, include your drink calories for accuracy.
It is crucial to add them as a meal. Because after all, just like bills- they add up.

6. Make good decisions

Once inebriated, it’s far too easy to say no to a binge. You think you’re hungry, you want to stay out- we’ve been there, don’t want to be there any more. Stay out of the fridge, stay out of restaurants, after parties- weight loss is important, this is where you will show discipline, and quite possibly inspire someone else around you.

These are long term things to keep in mind; so you never have to tape your mouth shut at social gatherings and live parties vicariously through Instagram. This is where most of the human population will lie; a place between the bar and the barbells- all you have to do is hack your own body.



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