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Going out and getting a cocktail or 2 but realistically 5 can make you pretty jaded. As we wholeheartedly believe in moderation (strict, albeit), many look forward to weekends of binging on good shows and eating even better food. If you are one of them join the squad, and if you’re not, bookmark this post- because your day will come.
The good thing about staying home and relaxing in front of your screen is stuffing your face while you’re at it. The bad part is after you’re done picking the crumbs off your shirt (and eating them), you don’t feel so good, regret your binge, question your life decisions and possibly eat more to console yourself.

The vicious cycle must not continue, and in our constant quest of sharing the love with food, sweat and love… we rounded up the squad’s favorite meals for every #mood… Let’s go

If you’re feeling hormonal (red dot/crimson wave kind) 

Don’t reach for the chocolate and box of tissues, try Pearl Millet and Oat Flapjacks from 212 All Good. Whole grain, natural sugar, very filling- what more could you ask for.

If your tooth is sweeter than most

Bono’s Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Ice Cream will satiate it without leaving you in guilt and tears.


The Flourless Chocolate Fudge from Smoke House Deli is delicious too.

For pasta that would give gluten a challenging run for it’s money… 

212 All Good‘s Buckwheat Spaghetti in Pumpkin Sauce is a staple, even on weekdays.

The Pantry‘s Gluten Paprika with almonds and figs is unbelievably good; you’d have to double check if it’s actually gluten-free, save yourself the call (it is)!

 For something to munch on…

Cauliflower Patty at One Street Over is to die for. Slide it in a whole wheat bun and you got yourself a burger.

The point of eating at these places is to do it with bae, Netflix (arguably, bae) in bed. If you’re within reach, Scootsy will help catering to all your needs for food that looks like junk but is good food that won’t be stored in your trunk.

Have a blessed Friday!


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