Keto Diet 101: Why it Works for Weight Loss

The Ketogenic diet has made several rounds around the world wide web and is adopted extensively for weight loss. If it’s something you’re considering it’s vital to know what to expect and what to be weary of. An adaptive Keto diet for an Indian cuisine consists of 60-75% of fat, 15-30% from protein and the remaining from carbs.

What to expect

There will be rapid weight loss and a lot of it would be from the lack of water weight that comes from eating carbs. Ketosis is can take a few days to kick in, in that time you can expect what is coined as The Keto Flu- which is headaches, nausea, dizziness and irritability. Soon after which, our body goes in to ketosis.

The good- better control of hunger and satiation, stubborn fat loss, breaking of plateaus, increased energy levels, better performance, fried food and lean gains

The bad- there will be days where it is hard to resist food, but this is made especially hard when it comes to eating out or being at a party and counting macros at a dinner party isn’t always fun, it could be a long term adaptive change but is not something that would work life long.

When getting off keto, switch back to carb fuel slowly to get to 35%. There will be some weight gain- but that is the increased water retention.

Need help on where to start? Find your dedicated nutritionist on the app for suggestions and more. 


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