Is Your Favorite Post-Workout Drink A Beer?

Conventional wisdom and nutrition dogma would put down the drunk that made the claim- for the simple reason that it’s unsettling to think a brew after you exercise will not have an effect on your gains. The word has traveled the fitness world and back, so let’s look at the facts and research, not sponsored by your best brew company.

Fact- Exercise drains and dehydrates us.

Duh, next

Fact- Beer can quench your thirst. (In no comparison to water)

The electrolytes in beer make us feel hydrate, but only in moderate amounts. More than 5 beers in and your body will be dehydrated with the stressful breakdown of alcohol by your liver.

Fact-Beer in moderate amounts doesn’t have an effect on protein synthesis. The absolute key word here is moderate.

Let’s be real, if your 5+ beers in and think you’re okay, go home your drunk. Alcohol slows down recovery in the presence of too much alcohol (which would be the case with or without exercise). Six pack beers after a protein-decked meal will soon turn to six pack of flab; beyond the hyperbole, muscle growth and recovery is slowed down.

Consensus- After partying at the gym, there’s many gym buds that love the after party. As long as you’re not bicep curling drinks into your system (bad news at any time of the day), extremely moderate levels of alcohol will not do damage. A very little party, won’t hurt no body.


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