I Did 60 Weighted Lunges Every Day for A Week and Here is What I Learned

I have no shame in admitting just how much I wanted a few booty gains. My mom gave me a lot of the best things in life, sadly a hind side wasn’t one of them. I decided to take more pride in something that was built and not just bestowed upon me, and did the lunge challenge every day after my workout.

I used to be the girl in the yoga pants doing hip bridges and kicks, all with the same goal in mind. Fast forward 3 years, and I realized that strength training with specific emphasis on certain movements can produce results. Enter… the lunge.

As far as tush aesthetic is concerned, the forward lunge may be the most effective movement to see gains. An ACE research study suggests that the lunge activates the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and hamstrings significantly more than other lower body exercises, and does the best job in isolating those muscles for maximum results. Being a functional movement, i.e., movements that we perform in everyday tasks, the lunge can be a psuedo walk and enables hip flexibility.

Here is what I learned…

It is not possible to look like Beyonce overnight- Not that I was expecting to… I guess. Making gains from scratch is hard; it takes time, effort and the right nutrition to see massive results. Time being the operative word.

They got easier in time, even with increasing weight- I started with 65lbs to add to my body weight of 130lbs. I definitely felt the DOMS the next day, and was in a decent amount of pain every time I had to sit down. The next day, I increased the weight and saw that it definitely expedited my recovery.

By the end of the 5th day, I was traveling with 90lbs on my back and although I may have seen an inch of increase, I know I need to add more to the routine to see change. If we share similar goals, think about weighted step-ups, squats (single legged for advance level), and deadlifts for an effective lower body workout.

I may not be doing them every day, but I know with persistence and discipline, the only way I can get to the J-LO booty of my dreams, is to forward lunge there.


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