How to Supplement your Plant Based Diet

Not eating meat or other animal products certainly have their benefits, but it definitely can leave you starved for certain vitals. It’s far easier to find a source of protein, but there are a few things that are unfortunately easier taken via supplement. It’s important to take these medicines to avoid diet driven diseases and to live as well as or animal devouring counterparts.

B-12- In it’s natural form, you can find this essential micro in all animal products, and in small amounts you can find it in soy and certain grains. However, to get a substantial amount, enough to curb diet driven anemia and other neurological problems as well as effects on mood and energy; supplements are necessary. Unless you can find a way to consume enough nori, chlorella and spirulina are the superfoods you need in your life.

For other Bone Health Supplements

Vitamin D- If you don’t spend enough time in the sun, it’s important for vegans and vegetarians to use a supplement to brittle bones. In most cases, Vitamin C that is used to absorb Vitamin D is not an issue as it’s abundantly available in vegetarian diets.

Iron- Contents of Iron, especially in red meat can be compared to a diet that is rich in plant based sources like spinach, eggplant, artichokes and parsley. The same absorption problem will occur if there is an unlikely lack of Vitamin C-however, if you know of one then make sure you increase those levels too. It can also be inhibited by eating foods like phytic acid found in whole grains, legumes and nuts. Taking a supplement can make up for your losses but are sure you’re not eating grains or fatty foods as they tend to have side effects on digestion. 

Try this delicious fortified soup recipe
Calcium- For Vegetarians who are dairy free, it is vital to make sure you get your calcium from a supplement for bone health, nails and hair growth.

This smoothie will do just the trick. And this supplement for our vegan friends.

Omega 3’s- For vegans the lack of egg and fish in their diet can make them deficient in certain chains of Omega 3, that need to be converted to meet the daily quota. There are a lot of plant based solutions like flax seeds, walnuts, canola oil and soy that do justice, but for vegetarians who do not have any of the above in their diet should supplement to reduce inflammation and reduce chronic heart diseases as long as overall health.

Make zinc and iodine are consumed in good amounts-preferably in their natural source to  boost your immunity system and improve overall health.

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