How to Overcome your Growth Plateau- It’s Easier Than You Think.

There is only one place that comes second to proverbial hell for people who are actively working on living a healthier life, and that is, a plateau. It’s the rock, the hard place and everything in between. Your workouts, sleeping and eating habits are under control, but you cannot make sense of why you haven’t been improving. And in all frankness, there’s no bone or muscle in your body that is rebelling against you, it’s almost everything to do with output.

Think of it like this, if someone who is struggling with money gets a break, his satisfaction will be unparalleled. He works the same hours, his creativity hasn’t peaked like it did when he first got his break and he he’s only been maintaining his income. This starts playing on his morale because his satisfaction quotient is not met anymore. Is he a failure at his craft? Absolutely not. Think about what you would tell him..

1. Growth takes place outside your comfort zone
If you’re doing your last 4 reps out 15 with ease, take the hint. Increase your weights in increments more often, or finish your bodyweight routine in better time, either way-it’s a challenge.

2. Einstein said insanity meant doing the same thing times over to expect different results
If you have been mindful of your output and think you have reached a peak, which can hold truth in some situations, shock your body with variety. If you’re used to spending 90 unfulfilled minutes at the gym, try a 25 minute HIIT routine. Take up a sport, or maybe even a group class- your body will react favorably.

3. Track your meals
It’s too easy to fall into old ways, whether it was a bite of dessert after a meal, or an extra spoon of rice. If your goal is weight loss, consider cutting back on 100 calories per meal, or eating more fiber. If you’re looking to build muscle, make sure you’re eating enough nutritious food.

4. Did your just realize you lost an hour of sleep to Instagram?
Cutting back on sleep is one of the main reasons people see drops in progress. Be it intentional or not, lack of wakefulness and rest will affect the way your inner body works and not leave you refreshed to perform the best you can the next day.

5. It’s normal, don’t sweat (sweat more!)
A small dip after making progress is expected if your levels of input are exponentially increased. What’s imperative to know is that being discouraged will not do anything.

Remember what I asked you to think about earlier, about the man who was upset about his stunted success? Discounting changes in hormone, birth control and other unforeseen conditions, there is nothing inherent in you that is causing this plateau. So, tomorrow when you’re thinking about the hours of sleep you clocked in, the calories you consumed and your workout- think about where you have room for improvement.

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