How to Not Waste Time at Busy Gyms

Not all gym goers share the etiquette, and the habits of others can seriously affect your gym routine. The easiest way out is to go at non peak hours, but that’s common knowledge. If you must go when the gym turns into a bit of a circus, then here are a few ways to not let it affect your progress.

1.Skip the lines

An empty squat rack is like a mirage in the middle of a violent desert storm, beautiful and impossible. So while others wait for their go at the squat rack, grab a Kettlebell or Dumbbell and do goblet squats; they could be more efficient if you usually use the Smith machine. Overhead squats are another good alternative that could be done with free weight.

  1. Don’t skip your warm up

You may want to be in and out of the gym and rush into your workout, but warming up will make your workout better because it sends blood into those muscles and increases mobility. Jumping into a heavy set without being warmed up is putting you at a risk of injury, for the sake of a couple minutes.

  1. Don’t wing it

Go to the gym with a plan. Without a clear plan of action you spend more time walking aimlessly and less time exercising, if you ever go to the grocery store without a list, you may be able to relate. If one hour is all you have, maximize it by knowing what you have to do.

  1. Be efficient

Start with the exercises that demand the highest metabolic rate, by rule of thumb. Making lifting after running on the treadmill seem counterproductive. Even if it doesn’t get you winded, you won’t be able to go as hard and long as you would have. If space permits, add cardio into the mix and run between sets.

5.Don’t leave core for last, it’s better when as an element of the entree than dessert

If you try to do planks after a long session, chances of you doing mountains and valleys instead becomes a lot higher. Include core as a part of your main workout because it’s important for you to have the stamina and strength to execute with good form. Isolated workouts like sit-ups can however be left for the end.

  1. Stay thirsty, stay foolish

Staying hydrated is infinitely important, preferably when you bring your own aqua. Running to the water fountain is an excuse to get a longer break and is an utter waste of time.

  1. Don’t lounge at the gym

You’re there for one reason only-to workout, idling away time and taking breaks long enough to bring your heart rate down is not constructive- for the obvious reasons. Keep a timer on you so you can control your recovery time.

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