How to Kickstart Your Weight Loss with Meal Replacements

Weight loss can get frustrating; especially when the wedding and holiday season is around the corner. But crash diets are ineffective and a guaranteed track to weight gain- so nip the idea in the bud and see how meal replacements can make all the difference.

Weight loss is a product of muscle loss or a calorie deficit, the latter is what we need to aim for. Keep the listed points in mind so you can lose the pounds and more importantly, keep them off:

Don’t ignore exercise
Whilst we find a way to use a wand instead of a barbell, stick tot the recommended amount of exercise. If you don’t work out at all, start slow- a 30 minute walk/run daily will do wonders.

Don’t ignore your macros either 

You’re meal replacement will do justice for one meal, not 3 meals or 4/7 small meals- depending on what you’re used to. Replacing one meal and then eating an indulgent dinner is counter effective for consuming ideal amount of macros. Look at your shake as a meal and only let your weight loss reward you.

Download the app and let us do the macro maths

Do replace dessert with a shake 

A lot of these drinks are flavored and know how to satisfy a sweet tooth. If you’re craving chocolate or ice cream, it may as well include some nutrition to go with it.

Do practice good habits once you kickstart your weight loss
Keeping the weight off is usually the most challenging part of a journey; maintenance with regular exercise and good habits will keep the weight off.

7 Habits Healthy People Practice

Remember, fitness and wellness isn’t owned; it’s a rent you have to pay every day.

Do eat protein and complex carbs 

Snack on a handful of mixed nuts, add some fruit if your replacement shake is low on carbs.

Do eat fibre, and lots of it

This is a major key. Choose a shake that has a lot of fibre in it to keep your digestive system healthy and happy.



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