How to Hack your Hangovers

The one thing to do to when all those whiskey sours creep up on you is to drink more… water. Not to state the obvious, but the dehydration caused to your body will make your headache bad and your queasiness worse. If you think greasy food will help, enjoy your 15 minutes of joy; because not only will they stack up the amount of fat stored, but you will most likely feel heavy after too.

Not eating isn’t the solution either. There’s a lot of foods that will take some of the edge off your liver and include overall vitality. For nausea, try calming it with ginger. Lozenges work great while your stuck in bed questioning your own decisions. They’re known to help women with morning sickness and patients who undergo chemo. Add it to unsweetened tea and enjoy it with a nutritious meal. If you want to speed up your healing process, chlorophyll is your best friend. Think leafy greens, or grab a bottle and put a few drops of it in your water. They are loaded with Vitamin A, C and E that will help you feel better get an oomph back into your day.

As for juices, a fresh carrot and apple juice would be great. There’s also nothing better than getting your a$$ kicked while getting a workout in and feeling a whole lot better after. Of course, if you’re on a bender- in the name of balance and losing balance once in a while- the hair of the dog will put you right back to sleep.

Consider these meals for the morning after…

A Chipotle inspired bowl

A Simple Greek Salad

Zucchini and Eggplant Lasagna 

The real hack lies in how you prepare your body before you drink, there’s been a lot evidence that says B-6 before you start drinking help a great amount, as well as enough water and a good small meal.


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