How to Hack Portion Control with your Cutlery

The way our food is served is as important as what we eat. It can affect our portions and encourage overeating… or, we could use it to our advantage.
Using a large plate invites us to load up more food on it. On the other hand, a bowl even while seeming full will hold less food and according to the New Yorker, you’re tricked into thinking your food tastes better- especially when it’s healthy.

Not convinced? When you eat in bowls, your food can be perfectly balanced Especially for an Indian meal, if you eat your protein you want to keep it separate from your pulses, so you will end up serving less. The same goes when you serve noodles, fish curry- name it. Bowls are good for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Pour your smoothie into bowl and garnish it with fruit and coconut flakes, cacao chips etc.

When you use a color that is opposite to the food your serving, you tend to eat a smaller amount. If your food is. the same color as the plate, it sort of camouflages and leaves you with a larger serving size. Choose darker colors or opposing colors depending on the dish.

And can we forget, they make for perfect food porn images for the gram. Nothing on a plate ever looked as good- and so R.I.P Plates- you tricked us long enough.

As the Grecian protocol goes… OPA!


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