How to Curb Weight Gain During Diwali

The season of card games, overload of mithai and good wishes for the new year that beckons. It’s also the hardest time to avoid parties and indulgences that has potential to undo all your hard work. With an increased amount of awareness, set your mind to maintaining your healthy weight this new year, it’s very possible. Keeps these pointers in mind to celebrate wisely:

1. Set a goal and track everything

One way to stick to your resolution is by conscientiously crossing your t’s and dotting your i’s. Know when you have all your social obligations and map your calendar to balance all the kaju kathlis. Tracking your meals and knowing your macro intake would help understand how to plan your next meal.

Allow us to count while you savor.

2. Take pride in taking care of your health
Social pressures from friends and family members can be an emotional overload when they don’t have the same goals as you do. When you set a goal that ensures room for celebration while taking care of yourself, you will find a massive amount of personal growth that comes with that control. Warning- if anyone calls you a party pooper or a wet blanket, it’s only because they cannot do what your’re doing. Envy will be the source of people demotivating you.

3. Clean out your cabinets, pantry and kitchen

Out of sight is also out of mind. From the time you receive presents and sweets, recycling them is the best kept secret to keeping the calories off and returning favors. Keep your kitchen stocked with wholesome food, so your hunger won’t allow you to dip into the mithai jar. Give your ingredients an upgrade with our range of Oats to Oils from the shelves of Saffola. 



4. Keep moving

It’s easy for the holiday lull to set in but as the cliche goes, excuses don’t burn calories. I you look at your quantifiable goals broken up as tasks to accomplish. Your treats taste a whole lot better when they’re earned. Yoga poses with rotations and chest opening movements promote digestion when you’re system needs a little of a boost.

5. Know your substitutes

Out with the refined grains, in with the whole ones. The joy of having your cake and eating it too is only possible when you cheat smart. Think about dates, figs and jaggery for natural sweetness and buck wheat, quinoa, coconut flour to save you for any grain requirements. Cow ghee is a common place ingredient in paleo and keto diets, and when used in right proportions can keep the numbers on your scale in check.

Diwali is the best excuse to start a good habit and the worst excuse to pick up a bad one. Prepare your mind, environment and body for a healthy and happy start to your new year.



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