How Mindless Habits in your 20s can put You At-Risk

Mindless habit are a serious accessory to falling prey to a number of diseases; the following fortnight, we find it exceedingly important to bring awareness surrounding Diabetes. Your body’s learned response to glucose and a fatal, menacing and lifelong Rx. The number of 20 + year old people who are now ‘at-risk,’ is increasing and are met with gory reminders to change their habits, but don’t know how to go about it with as little interruption. Here are a few everyday things that could be second nature to you in understanding it’s impact;

Refined anything- Adding a staple with a polished grain can lead to some serious trouble. If you do this, consider it your highest priority to change to whole grain. A lot of times, brown rice is caramalized white rice, make sure you are getting whole grain rice. As far as flour goes, bajra, nachini and jowar make the most delicious substitutes. Upma and poha have their nutritious counterpart too. If you eat one of these grains or cereals every day, don’t wait till your at-risk to have to make the change.

Fast Food- As a reverberation and plea to whose who live like millennials; we want more than fast food, we want the fastest snacks. Many people think their 3 square meals are an anchor for nutrition morality and snacking on empty calories daily somehow comes across as a birthright.

Work hours- Work hours increase, stress increases, meal preparation time decreases; forcing us to rip through the next bag of chips we see…every two hours, or less. Eating when you’re stressed doesn’t take the stress away. Acknowledging that it’s a habit and not hunger is half the battle won.

Inactivity- If sitting at a desk is not bad enough, when coupled with no exercise and wrong habits, consider it a ticket to a lifelong problem.

Your weight- While being overweight is an easier identifier of a problem, even people who are thin could be at risk- if their genes have allowed fat deposits to assume residence around their livers further blocking insulin from doing it’s job, further leading to high blood sugar, ergo- at risk. If your BMI is over 25, you are already putting yourself at risk to a number of problems.

Happy hour- Millennials drink more at an earlier stage, a vice that when introduced other factors is more hazardous than before.


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