How going Vegan Helped Aamir Khan’s Weight Loss Mission for Dangal

Dropping 25kgs in a matter of months is a feat for the Gods, but since Aamir Khan took the challenge up, his methods were very useful to look into. In addition to strenuous workout, changes in his diet was what was remarkable. The word on the layman’s street is that vegetarian diets cannot result in weight loss because of the lack of complete proteins- that only bears truth when a sufficient amount of plant proteins aren’t consumed.
Drawing inspiration from his wife, Kiran Rao, as well as wanting to live like the vegetarian wrestler he portrays in the movie, Aamir decided to go green. A vegan diet discounts animal meat as well as any animal bi-products like honey, wool, leather, milk and eggs.
So, if you cannot fathom why a meat-lover would give up something so close to their heart, this list may explain why..

1.Protein can be plant-based
A variety of incomplete proteins can do as much justice, it only takes a little more planning and preparing. Pairing a pulse, soy and nuts can give you the same nutrition benefits as meat protein.

2.Vegan diets entail clean eating
It’s hard to munch on leftover pizza and burgers when one is sworn to the Vegan society. When you think about the food that is disallowed, it’s hard to fault the diet for weight gain. Fruits, veggies, nuts, whole grains and beans make all the stops when it comes to dietary requirements, with complex carbohydrates, phytonutrients and fibre while cutting out saturated fats and cholesterol. Lower blood sugar, cholesterol and low blood pressure can also be more easily achieved.

3.Only in the world of Veganism would Aamir Khan and Kim K have a few things in common
The reality star who swears by the Atkins diet lost all her baby weight and is now in what is arguably, the best shape of her life. A study in the General Internal Medicine Journal compared results of different vegan diets to others to show that the former shows a +5lbs in weight loss in a short duration as opposed to a traditional diet plan.

4. Your gut will thank you
People who follow vegan diets have unique gut profiles as seen in their lack of pathogens and abundance of protective species. Altered gut profiles have links to obesity, one that is home to a certain bacteria which causes low-grade inflammation, further interfering with the signalling of insulin, resulting in obesity and type 2 diabetes.
The vegan diet in addition to long dedicated hours of working out is what helped Aamir get into character for his film. Cutting out animal protein in isolation will not do much of anything.

Before making any dietary changes, it is best to consult with your physician for allergies, sensitivities or your personal requirements we don’t have the knowledge of.

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