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If fitness could play Benjamin Button it’s character would look a lot like Suniel Shetty. Defying age and manifesting the true meaning of well being, stands tall, a man with a body at it’s peak of greatness. As the host of India’s Asli Champion, you’d think he would give the winner a run for his money, if not perform better.

Photo courtesy: instagram.com/sunielshetty

We were curious as to how this transformation came about and we asked a little bird to look into it, so we can spread the word and rest in comfort knowing being fifty five doesn’t have to mean looking like a shriveled up prune.

Suniel is a no shortcuts type of guy, his approach to holistic health and wellness trickles into a day long of good habits and efforts. His day starts early, where he eats breakfast like a king, does yoga for an hour and hits the gym post. His training regime aims at building muscular endurance which also results in hypertrophy; which is lighter weights, more reps. He believes the real workout is only after the 20th rep.

But what he really believed was life changing was his yoga routine; his morning pranayam, has allowed him to be more flexible and give him more energy which explains fitness to be more than a real life G.I joe, it is mental preparedness, a full energy bank and happiness.

His diet shows discipline; which as we regularly say, it’s the harder part of health and wellness. He eats well in the morning, and is light in the evening; all, while sticking to lean meat and fish. He cheats on Saturday further ensuing the common practice that many people follow; don’t inhibit your cravings; be good 9 out of 10 times, and the one day you cheat- it will feel worth it.

His word to the young is to not wait till fifty just because it’s possible, being seemingly harder; starting off young, engaging in sports and any training methods that suit you will leave you a lot happier.

We put together a diet inspired by the real Champion of India’s Asli Champion, follow for maximum gains:

His Plate

  • Morning- Black Coffee / Green Tea, egg whites, fruit
  • Lunch- Brown/red rice, dal, veggies, raita
  • Snack- Pop corn, makhana, nuts
  • Dinner- Spinach, Roasted Chicken/ Steamed Fish or Chickpeas, veggies and dal

His Moves

Monday- Back, Biceps

  • Wide-grip pull down- 20 reps & Straight bar curl- 20 reps (3 rounds)
  • Lat pull down- 12 reps & Alternating dumbbell curl- 20 reps (3 rounds)
  • Straight leg deadlift- 10 reps & Preacher curl- 10 reps (3 rounds)

Tuesday- Run/Yoga/Any Sport

Wednesday- Legs

  • Barbell Squat-20 reps & Bulgarian Split Squat-20 reps (3 rounds)
  • Romanian deadlift- 12 reps & Single Leg Swiss Ball Curl-12 reps (3 rounds)
  • Weighted Traveling Lunge-10 reps each leg & Plyo Step up-10 reps each leg (3 rounds)

Thursday- Swim/Tennis or sport

Friday- Chest/Shoulders/Triceps

  • 1/4 Dumbbell Press-20 reps & Incline Squeeze Press-20 reps (3 rounds)
  • Hammer Strength Chest Press- 30 reps, 20 reps, 15 reps
  • Lean Away Lateral Raise- 12 reps & Single Arm Dumbbell Lateral Raise-12 reps (3 rounds)
  • Machine Shoulder Press-10 reps & Rope Shoulder Pulldown-10 reps (2 rounds)
  • Rope Tricep Pulldown-30 reps, 20 reps, 15 reps

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