The hidden health benefits of cucumber

Cucumbers are a good source of dietary fibre and they help get rid of constipation and eliminate toxins from the body. They also benefit the kidneys as the water content in cucumbers improves the function of the kidneys by encouraging urination.  Some studies show that cucumber seeds can help the body expel worms, particularly tape worms.

Cucumbers also contain large amounts of vitamin B and A. Cucumber juice also benefits the pancreas as enables them to produce insulin, which is extremely beneficial to diabetic patients. Cucumbers also fight bad breath and can be used to treat gum diseases like pyorrhoea and weak gums.

Since cucumbers contain large amounts of vitamin K, regular consumption of cucumbers can strengthen the bones. Cucumbers can also be used to treat the skin and revitalize it. Cucumber juice when applied on the skin can get rid of tanning and tighten the skin.

Also, if you want to get rid of puffy eyes, use thinly cut cucumber slices on your eyes. You can also use cucumber juice to treat open pores. Cucumbers contain 95 per cent water, which keeps the skin well hydrated and moisturised. They are also rich in vitamin E and potassium and can be used to fight wrinkles, fine lines and blemishes. Regular use of cucumber slices on the eyes, can also get rid of dark circles.

If you drink cucumber juice regularly it will contribute to hair growth as it contains large amounts of silicon, sulphur sodium, phosphorus and calcium, which are key nutrients needed by the body for hair growth.

REVOFIT TAKE: Some people may experience itchy skin and belching after eating cucumbers. This is because cucumbers contain cucurbitacin, a compound which causes indigestion. So make sure you that if you one of those people who are allergic to cucumbers, you avoid them completely and consult a dietitian for other health alternatives.


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