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At a single blink of an eye, your best guess of what this fitness maven, mom of 2 and overall boss babe is that she is 30 with no children and knows where the fountain of youth is. Speak to her for quarter of an hour and you will see that she has the warmth and wisdom of a grandmother. She ages like fine wine, and of course we had to know what she ate and how she moved to look like that.

As a fitness professional, she has worked on it for 30 plus hard years. In the pioneering team of group classes, she moved on to teaching and has founded an institution that certifies bidding trainers with a Reebok stamp of approval. Here’s my favorite part, she is a Crossfit L2 Instructor and does the craziest things if you gave her a barbell and some weights.

2 grown up kids later, this 50 something year old performs like the beauty and the beast. And I am about to spill the tea on how you too, can age fine like the best Italian wine.

“Eat to thrive not survive, and workout harder!”

-Vinata Shetty

Vinata has no rules, but she has some great fundamentals:

Eat clean– clean ingredients, no flour, deep fried very rarely (if at all) and a variety of fruits and veggies.

Eat mindfully– Small bites and multiple meals. I do not eat in order to get full and my plate is always balanced.

Don’t go overboard– Cheat meal is not cheat day, or cheat weekend. 9/10 times the next bite or meal will not be worth it.

Eat functionally not emotionally– Feeding a bad mood is a double whammy, a walk may lift your spirits more efficiently than a meal. Talk to a friend or family member, listen to music, but don’t eat if you’re not hungry.

30 days– It takes a little short of a month to get used to a taste or an eating habit, with a little discipline you can reach your goals faster.

It’s a Lifestyle- You will know this when you want to be healthy on holiday too.

Her favorite daily meals include lean meat, a lot of seafood, a lot of good veggies, red rice, whole grains and good swiss chocolate with marzipan.

Some of her daily eats:

Breakfast- Oats with flax, dry fruit and skimmed milk

Snack- Hummus and more hummus

Lunch- Veggies, red rice and Dal

Post Workout- I scoop of Whey + Water + Ice

Dinner- Shrimp, fish, chicken or eggs

At other hours- kiwis, bananas, apples

Her best advice would be to do everything in moderation, and as for life advice- don’t make the same mistake twice!



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