5 Things to Keep in Mind During Lunch Time at Work

It’s lunch time and whether your hungry or not, you look forward to your school or office picnics in and around the pantry. It feels like you ate breakfast a decade ago and there’s a good chance you need a break from doing work. Skipping lunch may be as bad as eating poorly, because you’re slowing your metabolism down by the minute. Those that do skip this meal often do it to avoid the slumber that follows it but it’s counter intuitive. Here’s a few ways to keep your metabolism up and running during the midday after your meal;

Carry your lunch from home- This ensures portion control and a smaller probability of eating something you’re craving. If you find this hard, take one day to prepare and plan your meals for the week to make the process seamless- you will reap the benefits almost immediately.

Make sure it’s balanced- It’s important to have a lot of protein on your plate, be it plant or animal. This will keep you nourished and full longer. Grains, especially refined ones, may seem tempting and satisfying but if you don’t have the luxury of a bed next to your desk-skip it. Avoiding sugar is another thumb rule; because the minute you’re blood sugar rises and drops, you’re hungry again (read:#hangry)

Be more active if you bit off more than you wanted to chew- Run down the stairs, take a few laps around your office or gather a few sinners and do a 5 minute bootcamp. You would come close to balancing out the food and more importantly, you will feel energized and fresh,

Track your meals- This may seem tiresome at first but there’s no better way to monitor just how much is too much. Conscientiousness will give you a lot more awareness and knowledge to self monitor. You’d also think twice before cheating on your diet because you wouldn’t want to make note of it. If you cheat on your tracking device, you’re only cheating yourself.

Pick the right beverages- If you’re prone to overeat, drinking water before your meal leaves less room for food. And sipping on green tea or coffee would help keep you alert and energized to seize the rest of the day.

Go Nuts- Carry a handful of almonds, peanuts, cashews and throw in some dry fruit for good measure. If you feel like you’re eating bird food spice them with a home made mix of onions and chili. Its brain food and it will not war with your stomach




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