Health and Fitness Trends that Need to Go in 2017

Fitness novices, elitists and wanderers have all taken a spin on some kind of bandwagon at some point of time. Blame it on desperation, curiosity or herd mentality; as we welcome the upcoming new year, it’s high time we stop turning the other cheek and ditch some of these cringe-worthy trends. Some excel at being ineffective, others a product of excellent marketing. Whatever the deal is, the consensus is that getting healthy is a journey, not a destination and some of these trends are a detour.



1. Detox teas

These don’t make you cringe as much as.. use the restroom. As much as people on social media claim it’s detox prowess- it has none. Hot water with lime could serve as an effective cleanser- and that’s just one of the many things in your kitchen cabinet that would work efficiently, with a bare minimum cost. Our body’s have in-built instincts to detox in this place called the liver. If you have a liver, you’re good. If you have liver diseases, you’re probably on medication that’s assisting the process. Even a simple bag of green tea would catalyze the process, in addition to fruits and vegetables; there’s no secret sauce in the detox teas.


2. Waist Trainers

There’s a few things the Kardashians put on the map, Balmain (arguably), unnatural lip fillers and waist trainers. I had the misfortune of trying one, and apart from not being able to breath, pushing the extra weight down to my hips and superficially dropping down a dress size, they did not do a single thing. Medical practitioners have time and time again, discounted the productivity of this and even spoken of some of the ill effects they can have. Constricting breathing should have been the first red flag, but the bittersweet truth is that the only way we can get an old school Victorian style or new school Kardashian style body is through diet and exercise.. and great plastic surgeons, but we won’t go there. There’s no shame whatsoever in going under the knife, but it’s only fair to know that those glorified corsets will not give us small waists. Next..


3. Body shaming

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, as does health. And we are absolutely no one to put someone who doesn’t fit into our beauty ideals down. The absolute worst of the shaming lot is those who ridicule others who are trying to make healthy changes to the point where they can be discouraged. Don’t be that person. Because the thing with bettering yourself is, it doesn’t matter that you just started or that you have a long way to go, it’s that you took that first step. I’d be stating the obvious if I said there wasn’t a line between beauty ideals and health risks, and if it is a health risk there is no question of shaming. Bottom line, if it doesn’t come from a place of legitimate concern, it’s shaming. Whether you’re talking to a close non-judgmental friend, or snickering to yourself- cut it out.


4. Crash dieting

Okay, this may not be a product of 2016, but it should not have a place in the next year. As tempting as it may be to make drastic changes fast, it only does harm in the short and long run. Learning of a fad diet and adopting it at a mere whim is not sensible, and what’s worse is depriving yourself of food. The reason this problem has persisted is not that people are not aware of it, more so, they don’t recognize the immediate benefits we get from eating, sleeping and exercising right. When you feel good, you will look good. There’s no crash diet or over-exhaustion that give you confidence; but a good night’s sleep, eating cleaning and training dirty will come pretty, pretty close.


5. Juicing

Cold press juices became the word around town, especially this past year. They do not pose any significant harm, and are actually pretty packed with nutrients if they are what they claim. You can get nutrients from a dozen of fruits and vegetables in a tiny bottle, in a single sitting. However, after they started being consumed like it was water, this mention became necessary. For the damage it does on your wallet, juices on it’s own don’t quite as nearly “detoxify” your system. As previously mentioned, your organs have been employed to do just that. An occasional beverage is perfectly fine, but if you are even considering a juice cleanse- stop right there. Unless you want to be on a liquid diet for the rest of your life, in that case carry on because it won’t be a very long one. If 12 apples are pressed into one bottle, there is no doubt that you’d be getting a large number of nutrients for it, but as far as calories go, do you think you would ever consume that many? I rest my case.


6. The other kind of juicing

Again, this is not to say that it juicing/shooting/pumping is a product of even the near decade, but with such a stark increase of available information and non-competitive level (I’d say both, in my humble opinion), the long term side effects of performance enhancing drugs should be made aware of. It can cause stunted growth in adolescents, liver abnormalities, impotence, mood swings, acne, balding- to say the least. When the youth starts idolizing a beefy looking guy who went from David to Goliath in anything less than a year, there’s a good chance there were a few PEDs involved. It’s one if the risks are absolutely known, but people should be very educated and hopefully discouraged by the side effects.


6. #bodygoals

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t lust after someone else’s body. And if genies existed, there’s a good chance I’d look a bit different. But we live in a beautiful reality of genes..and flaws. Since we cannot alter our genes, we can learn to accept and see the singularity in our flaws. In tune with loving thyself and then some, let your future you be your #bodygoals.



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