H.I.I.T it Right, Keep Your Friday Outfit Tight

If you have been good all week with keeping your schedule then today is just the cherry on top of your wellness route, if you cheated here and there, redemption is here. The oncoming weekend always brings around radiant faces and this workout should add to your glow with beads of sweat and victory.

There are some militant regimes that preach how bodyweight workouts can be the hardest kind. So today, in a bid to take a leaf out of the Crossfit regime, here is a workout that anyone can do anywhere, independent of equipment and experience.

So bring a mat for comfort, a bottle of water, some tunes for morale and let’s get into this…

Dynamic stretches

Warm up

  • High knees- waist level
  • Spot Jog
  • Jumping Jacks

Reminder: Nothing good comes easy.

100 Air squats (Novice- get ups using chair/half squat)

90 Sit-Ups

80 Alternating Lunges (40 each leg)

70 Burpees (Novice- without push ups)

60 second Plank

50 Mountain Climbers

40 Push-Ups (Novice- push-up on knees or bed/bench)

30 Hollow Rocks

20 Jump Squats (Novice- get ups or jump half squats)

10 Hand Release Push-Ups (Novice- push-up on knees or bed/bench)

Do some static stretches, feel the endorphins and enjoy your evening.




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